%kmdata 2.2.2

The %kmdata macro

This macro generates extended Kaplan-Meier plots with the SAS/STAT GPLOT procedure.

The features:

  • Can add no. at risk table on inside and outside.
  • Can add a result of the homogeneity test (log-rank, generalized wilcoxon, or likelihood ratio test).
  • Can add median survival estimates.
  • Can add hazard ratios estimated by the Cox's proportional hazards model.
  • Can use neelde symbols for censored observation.
  • Can draw failure plots.
  • Can draw adjusted plots by using baseline statement.

kmdata_v222.zip (download)

If any questions, please email me.

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If any questions, please email me.



kmdata example 01

Special censor symbols:

kmdata example 02

Homogeneity test:

kmdata example 03

Hazard ratios:

kmdata example 04

Median survival:

kmdata example 05

Failuer plot:

kmdata example 06

Confidence interval (dotted line):

kmdata example 07

Confidence interval (meshed):

kmdata example 08

No. at risk on inside:

kmdata example 09

No. at risk on outside:

kmdata example 10

Combination (homogeneity test, confidence interval, and no. at risk on outside):

kmdata example 11

Baseline adjusted plot:

kmdata example 12

Baseline adjusted failure plot:

kmdata example 13

Baseline adjusted plot with confidence interval (dotted line):

kmdata example 14

Baseline adjusted plot with confidence interval (meshed):

kmdata example 15

Last updated date

  • 2011/10/19